Nassenger 8

A new way of printing which adapts to the user's needs.

Maximum precision, Fast printing time, Simple to use.

  •  A compact printing system suitable for all needs
  •  Advanced control functions offer the utmost flexibility
  •  Different printing modes meet a variety of needs



Principal Features

Nassenger 8

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    Automatic Nozzle Compensation

    The function for compensating nozzle flaws prevents the white lines often produced by inkjet printing.
    Laser nozzle checks prevent printing flaws.
    Choosing the length of time nozzles are used guarantees uniform color in two-directional scan printing.

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    Functions ensuring stable production

    Equipped with head maintenance functions (printhead cleaning and empty nozzle detection systems). Achieves stable production and reduced running costs.

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    New Print Heads Km1024isae

    The new print head has been entirely developed by Konica Minolta, a global manufacturer of inkjet heads. NASSENGER 8 uses 4 heads per color (available in 8 and 9-color versions).

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    Design performance with striking beauty

    Design performance at an all new level thanks to flexible ink adjustments for small, medium, or large drop sizes, plus the ability to combine Konica Minolta's dark and light colored inks. Excellent gradation and detailed printing, as well as faithful and beautiful re-creation of intricate, contiguous geometrical and other designs that have previously been difficult to handle.

  • Icona Gestione supporti

    Diverse print modes

    NASSENGER 8 offers print modes to suit your diverse needs for handling tight deadlines, high precision imaging, and high ink concentration/permeability.
  • Icona Touch

    User Interface and Touch Panel

    Intuitive WYSIWYG user interface. The touch panel makes it quick and easy to use.

  • Icona Usabilità


    A simplified design makes it easier for users to control the print carriage.
    Parts are simple to access and replace.

  • Icona Qualità

    Konica Minolta High-density Inks

    Konica Minolta inks offer unbeatable reliability and color yield. Reactive, Acid and Disperse dyes of up to 9 colors.
    The inks have been designed to harness the utmost performance from print head and printer. They are the result of the experience of Konica Minolta, a unique one-stop provider of proprietary technology in the digital textile printing market.

  • Icona Sostenibilità

    High Safety and Environmental Standards

    The Nassenger range drastically reduces the environmental impact caused by traditional textile printers. In addition, Konica Minolta's REACTIVE dye meets GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification requirements. Konica Minolta's DISPERSE dye meets GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification requirements.

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Specifiche & Downloads

Specifiche & Downloads

Product Name NASSENGER 8
Technology Drop on-demand piezo inkjet technology
Printhead 1024 nozzles water-based inkjet printhead 4 line head x 32pcs (max. 36pcs)
2 line head x 16pcs (max. 18pcs)
Ink Reactive dye ink TYPE-P  Yellow,ExtraMagenta,Cyan,Black,Orange,Blue,Pink,Gray,Sky
Disperse dye ink TYPE-S Yellow,Magenta,Cyan,Black,Pink,Sky,Gray,Red,Violet
Acid dye ink Yellow,Magenta,Cyan,Black,Blue,Light Magenta,Orange,Light Cyan,Light Black
Printing Width 1,850mm
Maximum Fabric Thickness 15mm
Printing Mode Draft 170 ~ 380m2/h (4line head) 90 ~ 240m2/h (2line head)
Standard1 130 ~ 240m2/h (4line head) 70 ~ 130m2/h (2line head)
Standard2 70 ~ 200m2/h (4line head) 40 ~ 110m2/h (2line head)
Standard3 60 ~ 110m2/h (4line head) 30 ~ 60m2/h (2line head)
Extra1 40 ~ 110m2/h (4line head) 20 ~ 60m2/h (2line head)
Extra2 30 ~ 60m2/h (4line head) 15 ~ 30m2/h (2line head)
Operating Environment
/ humidity condition
Mechanical Operating Condition 15~30℃ 40~70%RH
Color certifing condition of reactive dye ink 20~28℃ 40~70 %RH 
Dimensions(W × D × H) Print Unit W 5,080 × D 2,010 × H 2,040 (mm)
Inkrack W 960 × D 1,965 × H 762 (mm)
Unwinder W 2,544 × D 800 × H 1,150 (mm)
Drier&Winder W 2,534 × D 1,668 × H 1,480 (mm)
Weight Print Unit Approx.  3,300kg
Inkrack Approx.  170kg
Unwinder Approx.  600kg
Drier&Winder Approx.  270kg
Power supply Print Unit AC Single Phase 200-240V  30A (50/60Hz)
Drier&Winder AC Three Phase 380V  50A (50/60Hz)
*Details set out are current as of November 2015.
*The product specification is subject to change without prior notice.

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